From the founder

I'm Clara, the Founder of Carisma Jewelry. I was lucky enough to grow up in Austria to Armenian parents. Both sides of my family have been displaced over the last four generations.

I have therefore made it my mission to help those in need with sustainable and long-term solutions. My aim is to help displaced artisans from affected warzones by delivering the best quality jewelry to you.

Through Carisma Jewelry, refugees have the chance to re-establish their businesses in Armenia and provide for their families.

Transparent pricing

We believe that everyday luxury should be affordable for everyone. This is why we are committed to fair pricing without traditional industry markups.

To make luxury accessible, we work directly with jewellers in Armenia, removing the middlemen and selling directly to you.

We take time to not only ensure best practices but also the finest quality by focusing on each item. This is why you get the best quality at the best price.


All of our products are made-to-order to avoid excess production and are quality controlled in accordance with the highest international standards, while also ensuring that we maintain stock of our customers' favorite products.

Each one of our pieces is made out of 14k solid gold, making our pieces more durable and valuable, to keep forever.

So you can wear fine jewelry every day, while helping individuals affected by wars and economic crises. 

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