Our process

Step 1 - Design and Sourcing

After a long design process, our finalised pieces are available to pre-order on our website for a limited amount of time.


Step 2 - Production

At the end of our pre-order period, we place our orders with our craftsmen in Armenia and keep you up to date with the production process. The production takes slightly longer than usual jewelry brands, as all of our pieces are handmade one by one.
We sometimes keep some stock of your favorite products, which makes the delivery process quicker. Do not worry if your favorite pieces are sold out - you can still place an order, and your piece will be handmade and shipped to you.


Step 3 - Quality Control

Once produced, our pieces undergo quality control to ensure they meet the highest industry standards.


Step 4 - Shipping

After passing quality control, the pieces will be on their way to you! Shipping time varies according to your location.


Step 5 - C(h)arisma for Every Day

Carry luxury with a clear conscience and celebrate yourself every day.